Increase Your Income, Become a Home Inspector.

Learn from home and supplement your income

Your knowledge of homes and buildings along with you natural leadership qualities, work ethic and schedule, make you a great candidate to become an AHIT certified home inpector!

With your work schedule, you could earn an additional $20-30k of supplemental income annually, working only 9-12 hours a week as an AHIT certified home inspector.

Being a home inspector is a natural side occupation for firefighters who typically have solid understandings of home components. Let AHIT help you become a certified home inspector today!

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Hands-on Learning Experiences:

  • Operate furnaces
  • View different electrical systems
  • See different types of plumbing material
  • Test gas and electrical water heaters
  • View roofing material of all types
  • Conduct simulated inspections of real homes
  • Properly complete an entire inspection report
  • Learn to recognize & follow industry standards
  • Properly present your findings to your clients

Who Should Attend?

Becoming a home inspector is a natural occupation as many firefighters have a solid understanding of the components of a home. Some states require classroom training to become a licensed home inspector and our education will fulfill all requirements.

AHIT holds live classroom training sessions across the U.S. throughout the year. Visit to view dates and locations of upcoming sessions near you, or call 877.204.0696 to speak with a career advisor.

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