Puffin and Photon are internet browser applications that enable Adobe Flash on your device and perform like Safari, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. When you open the app, enter the URL www.ordercourses.com into the address bar or type the name of your school into the search bar, navigate to our Flash based Course Player and click the Student Login button on the homepage. Read our FAQ for more information.

Anytime, Anywhere!
Our courses are now accessible on mobile devices

"I thought the mobile app was very useful, especially when I had free time at lunch and could pull out my iPad and complete a lesson. I love the freedom of being able to take my course anywhere and any time. I would definitely recommend taking these courses on the new mobile app!"

Andrew Turner

Verified Apps
That Work with Our Courses:


- Puffin Web Browser
- Photon Flash


- Puffin Web Browser
- Photon Flash

Added Value:

The app options presented above enable FLASH on any website making you able to enjoy more from your mobile device.


Is there a cost?
App options have varying pricing structures, including free trials, and agreements. Depending on your device and the app you chose, you might incur a cost ranging from $.99 to $3.99. Please be sure to read the entire service agreement for an app when making your decision of which to download.

Is the app exclusive to my courses?
No. They enable FLASH on any device.

Can I take my exam on my mobile or tablet device?
Yes, but before you take your final course exam, please be sure that you are familiar with the device in use as each my work differently.

Can I take my course on my tablet or phone without the app?
Not at this time; however, we are working on improvements to our system to make that functionality a reality.

Who do I contact for support?
OnCourse Learning is not responsible for the functionality of apps. Our tech support team does not provide assistance for difficulties with apps. Please note that, should difficulties arise, all of our courses work on your desktop or laptop as well.